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What To Do After A Storm

Cheap lasix 40 mg - Buy lasix online usa

 After The Storm

As Before the Storm, Do Not Empty the Pool

After a storm, an empty pool is subject to “floating” or “popping” out of the ground due to “lift” pressure from excessive ground water caused by heavy rains that may have accompanied the storm. If it appears necessary to drain the pool due to excessive debris, mud or damage, start by draining less than half the water, cleaning the pool and refilling. If a complete draining is required, wait until the ground is less saturated and any high water tables have receded.

Remove Debris From Pool First

Remove large objects by hand and use a “leaf rake” or “leaf bagger” to remove smaller debris from the pool. Do not attempt to use the pool’s vacuum system for large debris that is likely to plug the plumbing. A Leaf Rake type of skimmer net is best for removing heavy leaf volume from the surface or floor. Bring a large trash can on the pool deck to empty the leaf net into while cleaning.

Check Electrical Equipment Before Restarting System

Remove waterproof plastic membrane from electrical devices and be sure they are dry before turning circuit breakers on again. If these devices have been exposed to water, they should be checked by a licensed professional. Then turn on electricity, prime the filter system, and check for normal operation. Backwash or Drain to Waste to lower water level in pool to mid-skimmer.

If your electrical power has not been restored, you can still manually clean the pool of debris using a Leaf Rake or garden hose powered pool vacuum. Test the water and add chemicals as needed, using a pool brush to circulate the water and help distribute the chemicals. Daily skimming and brushing, and a good chlorine and pH level will keep the pool from turning worse, until power can be restored to the pump.

Start the Filter Equipment

Start the filter pump and run the system for long hours each day. When the water has attained proper clarity then reset the time clock for a normal daily cycle. Backwash  the filter as needed to maintain flow rates.

Balance the Pool Water Chemistry

Readjust the pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and conditioner levels and continue to check them carefully over several days. Heavy addition of soils or debris to the pool can cause dramatic changes to water chemistry. Balancing is important to help chlorine sanitize the water and to prevent staining.

Bring a sample of your pool water to your nearest Island Recreational for a free computerized analysis. This will ensure you will have the correct information to balance your levels

Add Shock to Pool

To prevent contamination from the storm debris and excessive storm water add Green Out Shock to the pool water. If your pool was flooded and has turned the color of soil, a flocculant can be used to sink the heavy solids to the pool floor, for vacuuming. Heavy soil or debris will likely raise the phosphate level in the pool. Using a phosphate remover chemical is recommended for flooded pools.

Monitor the Pool Operation

It is important to monitor the overall operation of the entire system for several days after a hurricane to be sure everything is operating properly, and there are no electrical hazards, pool leaks or flooding dangers

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