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Most pool owners are well aware of how to maintain their swimming pool when the sun is shining. Some are experts even during heat waves, but most are unaware of the steps they need to take to maintain their pool water when it rains.

Most believe that rain gives their pool water a break from the draining effects of the sun and they can cut back on chemical maintenance during rainy days. The exact opposite is true. Rain does a lot more than add water to the pool. Rain water has the same effect as a lot of bathers in your pool- IT LOWERS THE CHLORINE AND PH LEVELS DRAMATICALLY.

By depleting your chlorine residual and lowering your ph., the results of a day of rain or even a passing evening thunderstorm can turn the clearest of pools green overnight. If you’re lucky you may catch it when the pool walls are just beginning to get slimy – but be aware- the green is coming.

To protect yourself you should always do the following right after a storm:

  1. Shock Your Pool – no matter what, this is your first line of defense. It is much easier- and less expensive to stop your pool from turning green  if you shock right after the storm. order lasix canada
  2. Add Algaecide to your pool– this is supposed to be done EACH AND EVERY WEEK. Most pool owners start out keeping up with the algaecide treatment schedule but by the time summer arrives it is soon forgotten- that’s until it’s too late. order lasix online
  3. Check and correct any PH fluctuations. Maintaining the proper PH of your pool is one of the easiest things to do and can end up saving you a lot of money over the course of a summer. If your PH is in the correct range your chemicals are much more effective. Both Phix it up  and Phix it down are highly effective at maintaining ph levels
  4. Run your filter. After a storm it is recommended to run you filter system for 24 hours. All that circulation will lessen the demand on your pool chemicals and help insure a crystal clear pool

Keeping up with your weekly maintenance routines, will save you time and money.

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