Vacuuming The Pool

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Like most pool owners there is one thing about my pool I hate is……vacuuming? Nothing is worse than standing outside the refreshing crystal clear water and having to slowly push around a little vacuum in the hot sun. The whole time the pool is mocking me with the sound of summer – the water rippling across the pool streaming out of the pool jet.

To make matters worse I can go over the same spot again and again and the dirt is still at the bottom of the pool.  Am I crazy, is this a pool mirage? No it’s just that the vacuum isn’t drawing water like it should. This is a common problem- a vacuum that doesn’t suck. This is caused by trapped air in the vacuum hose. To eliminate this problem and significantly shorten your vacuuming time, follow these simple steps before vacuuming your pool

CLEAN YOUR FILTER – if your filter is clean it will allow more water to pass thru it. This will give you the maximum performance out of your filter and speed up the vacuuming process. Be sure to remove any debris from both your pump basket and skimmer basket

ASSEMBLE VACUUM – attach your vacuum head to your vacuum pole and connect the vacuum hose to the vacuum head. Check both ends of your vacuum hose before connecting it. If one end has a swivel cuff (it spins on the hose) this end needs to attach to the vacuum head only. Connecting it to the skimmer will cause you to lose suction.

BLOWING OUT THE HOSE– the secret of vacuuming is to get all the air out of the vacuum hose before you start. To do this place the vacuum head (sill connected to both the pole and hose) at the bottom of your pool – BOTTOM UP. Take the vacuum hose end that is not connected to the vacuum head and while holding the vacuum pole – hold the open end of the hose over the return jet. The force of the water will purge all the air out of the vacuum hose. You will see bubbles coming out the vacuum head in the pool. Once bubbles stop –in about 30 seconds – you are ready to connect the vacuum to your skimmer

CONNECTING THE VACUUM– hold your hand over the vacuum hose end that was against the return jet. Go over to your skimmer and in a quick motion attach the hose to your vacuum plate / fitting inside your skimmer. Do this quickly as to not let any air get into the hose. This will give you the maximum velocity out of your vacuum and cut your vacuuming time dramatically.

Stop working to hard to maintain your pool!

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  • Ed, I have a vinyl pool and have air blowing out of the return jets, just started about 2 weeks ago. Is there a way to test to find out where the air is getting into the line? I don’t believe it’s the pump or the filter. It may be a collapsed line somewhere but the pool is not losing water.

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