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Stop Paying High Electric Bills!

Where can i buy lasix online - Buy lasix online overnight delivery

Did you know the biggest consumption of energy is your old pool pump?
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Like Most pool owners, I went for years in blissful ignorance to the fact that my swimming pool pump was slowing killing me.   Not killing me with a gun, knife, or even poison. It was killing me financially. I thought I was smart by using an “energy efficient” 220V pump, running it off peak at night to save money. I was one of the smart pool owners who was doing it right.  The problem was not when I was running my pump, but what kind of pump I was running. According to my electric company, my single speed pump, because it runs at constant 3450 RPM’s, was costing me a fortune.

It turns out that MOST POOL PUMPS are single speed. They run at one very fast speed, 3450 RPM. This fast speed consumes a lot of electricity. How much?  On average $530 each summer. That comes to over $5,300 in electric costs over the 10 year life of the pump.

It seems my kids leaving every light on in the house, my air conditioner, blow dryers and electronic equipment wasn’t to cause of my high electric bills – it was my pool pump. I was stuck, do I disconnect my pump and fill in my pool or just continue to shell out big money month after month?  Filling in the pool was not really an option so I thought I was stuck, paying and paying month after month.

This subject came up at our last neighborhood get together and one of my neighbors from down the street started laughing. He said “I can’t believe you are still using that old single speed pump, are you kidding”.  I remained calm and asked him what he meant. Seems he changed his pool pump over to a VARIABLE SPEED PUMP a few years ago. “You can’t believe the difference”.

Seems VARIABLE SPEED PUMPS run at much lower RPM’S. This cuts the electric consumption way down, in fact according to PSEG, VARIABLE SPEED PUMPS reduce your electric costs from $530 a summer down to only $61 a summer. THAT CUTS MY BILL BY $469.   In addition, my electric company is giving rebates of $350 on each Energy Star VARIABLE SPEED PUMP.

Not only can I save $469 off my electric bill, the electric company is going to help pay for it. In gets better. The lower RPM actually help my filter clean better so I will end up using less pool chemicals saving even more money.

I know this sounds expensive, right now you can get a BLUE TORRENT ENERGY STAR LISTED VARIABLE SPEED PUMP – with a 5 year warranty – for less than most single speed pumps. BEST OF ALL THE PUMP PAYS FOR ITSELF WITHIN THE VERY FIRST SUMMER.

order lasix overnight delivery
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Where can i buy lasix online - Buy lasix online overnight delivery

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