Pool Closing – What to do.

Pool Closing – What to do.

One of the most important steps in successfully closing your pool for the winter involves you doing……..NOTHING.  That’s right NOTHING.

Most above ground pool owners make the mistake of lowering the water level in their pool to just below the skimmer opening when closing their pool. This is one of the WORST things you can do, not only for your pool but for your pool cover, skimmer and pool liner.

It is a common misconception that lowering the water in the pool will protect the skimmer from cracking. In theory this is sound advice, but in the real world it does not work.

The major problem with this is displacement. We all know that in the winter, snow happens. When it does it builds up on the pool cover. We also know that snow can be heavy,.. just ask my back after shoveling my driveway. All this weight pushes down on your cover. The more it pushes down, the more it will displace the water in your pool and the only place for that water to go is….you guessed it…into the skimmer. Just where you didn’t want it.

Once it freezes it’s goodbye skimmer.

All this weight has a dramatic effect on your pool. The weight on your pool cover is being supported by the top rails of your pool. As the weight increases the top rails will begin to twist and bend. If allowed to go on you can permanently damage your pool frame. The weight will also stretch out your pool cover. Excess weight can take the average solid cover and turn it into a mesh cover overnight by stretching it beyond its limits. Mesh = MESS, that’s what you’ll have come spring….a MESS!

By doing NOTHING this can be AVOIDED. By leaving your pool water at the normal swim height you will avoid all of these problems. You can accomplish this by simply using a winter plate on your skimmer.  By doing this your Pool, Skimmer, Liner and Cover are protected.

Now that your pool is at the normal swim height, the weight that builds up on top of your cover will be supported by the water in your pool. There is no stress on your cover and more importantly, no stress on your pool frame. Your skimmer is protected since it is now sealed from the water in your pool. Even your liner will thank you as it will not dry out from the water being dropped.

Best of all the skimmer plate installs in seconds, in fact it takes most people longer to find their screwdriver than it does to install the plate. Just remove the few corresponding screws from your skimmer face plate- YES THE PLATE, GASKETS AND SKIMMER STAY ON- YOU NEVER REMOVE THEM. Place the gasket and plate up against your faceplate and put the same screws back in. That’s it.

In spring there is no need to refill your pool and add costly corrective chemicals to “correct the pool water. Just remove the plate and you’re ready to go.

Now’s the time to get your winter supplies! Print or show coupons in store.