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Did you know the biggest consumption of energy is your old pool pump? Best part PSEG is offering $350 Rebate Shop Variable Speed Pumps Now Like Most pool owners, I went for years in blissful ignorance to the fact that my swimming pool pump was slowing killing me.   Not killing […]

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  Swimming Pools Are For More Than Just Cooling Off Overview When considering whether you would like to install a pool or purchase a home with a pool or a membership to a community pool, consider the benefits of swimming pools. Although you might not be an exceptional swimmer, you […]

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How to Save Money This Summer Like Most pool owners, I went for years in blissful ignorance to the fact that my swimming pool pump was slowing killing me.   Not killing me with a gun, knife, or even poison. It was killing me financially. I thought I was smart by using […]

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What is Cold Pool Ittis? Over the years my family has suffered from a little know disease – COLD POOL ITTIS. It is rare but seldom fatal. Its main symptoms are Blue lips, shivering and the chattering of teeth.  We were able to keep it at bay except when my […]

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The Real Facts About Filtration There are almost as many types of Swimming Pool filters on the market as there are people selling them. The multitude of choices can be overwhelming especially if you are not a “pool expert”.  Here are a few SIMPLE FACTS to help navigate between what […]

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