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Is Your Pool Storm Ready?

Buy lasix 40 mg, Buy lasix cheap

Before the Storm

1. Do Not Empty Your Pool

People may ask, “Won’t the pool overflow if we don’t at least lower the water?” Yes it may, but no more so than if a patio or a plot of grass were there instead. Adequate drainage has most always been provided for in the design of the pool. Keeping the water in the pool provides the important weight to hold the pool in the ground. An empty pool is subject to “floating” or “popping” out of the ground due to “lift” pressure from excessive ground water caused by the heavy rains that may accompany the storm.

Set up a siphon before the storm hits, using a garden hose running from the pool edge to a point 2-3 feet lower. Leave the hose in place so that you can start the siphon quickly if the pool begins to overflow.

2. Turn off Electric Power to Swimming Pool Equipment

To prepare a pool for a storm, circuit breakers at the main electrical panel should be turned off to prevent pump motors, lighting, chlorinators, and heaters from operating during the worst parts of the storm. Run the pumps and filters while it’s calm, but when heavy rain, wind and lightning arrive, shut them off for the duration of the storm.

3. Protect the Electric Pool Equipment

After the equipment is shut off, wrap the pump motor, timer, light transformers and electric heaters with a waterproof plastic membrane and tie it securely in place to prevent sand and driving water from entering. If flooding is expected, it may be best to disconnect these devices and store them in a dry place, especially the pump, if a pool pump is submerged, the motor will likely be ruined. Spend some time if necessary to clear the areas around the equipment pad of mulch, leaves, debris and soil, to ensure that water drains away rapidly from the equipment pad.

4. Remove all Loose Items From the Pool Area

Loose objects such as chairs, tables, toys and pool cleaning tools can become dangerous projectiles in storm force winds and should be stored inside. Skimmer lids should be screwed in place to avoid becoming a Frisbee®. If they cannot be screwed down, use tape or rope to secure them into place. Inspect the fence for loose sections, and secure any loose light posts or signs.

5. Add Extra Chlorine to the Pool

To prevent contamination from the anticipated debris and excessive storm water, our swimming pool storm preparation experts suggests adding a dose of Green Out Shock. Lower the pH first to around 7.2 for best results, and run the filter after shocking for several hours to circulate.

6. Do Not Cover The Pool

It would be instinct to run out and put on a pool cover to prepare a pool for a hurricane. DO NOT DO IT! Storms bring wind, and wind can cause falling branches and other flying debris that can damage pool covers. It’s much easier to remove debris from the pool after the storm, than it would be to replace an expensive cover.


Make sure your cover is secured tightly using a cover cable for above ground pools. In ground pools should be secured with holdem downs, water bags or cover springs for custom covers. 

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