I Need A New Pool Pump

I Need A New Pool Pump


Whatever you do, do not buy a new pool pump until you read this. If you are like me you have been spending your summers in ignorant bliss. For the last 10 years , each spring I hook up my pool filter system, it runs all summer long and in the fall I take it apart and put it in my shed. Never giving a thought to how much I am spending to keep it running summer after summer. I know it was expensive when I bought it but believe it or not I didn’t think it cost me anything since then. Boy was I WRONG.

Seems that my trusty pool pump has been taking me to the cleaners every summer without me knowing it. Every time I sat in the backyard and heard the humming of the motor I was content that my pump was working, it was working alright, working on emptying my bank account.

Seem my trusty pump is a single speed pump – probably the same type most people have. It runs at one speed – no frills- just does its job.  That’s where they get you. I bought a simple no frills pump – single speed to save money. Turns out this is the biggest rip-off out there. My single speed pump COSTS A FORTUNE TO RUN. Who knew?

PSEG knew, LIPA knew they knew it all along. They tried to tell me but who reads all the inserts packed in with the bill- I have a hard enough time looking at the bill , never mind the add added paperwork. Well it seems that Single speed pumps, like mine, are the least energy efficient type you can buy.  In fact it costs us about $530 each summer – THAT’S JUST TO RUN MY PUMP- ITS CRAZY.

How do they get away with it? It’s easy- the cost to run the pump is buried along with the air conditioning, fan, light and appliance charges. Most people think it’s the AC driving the bill so high- NOPE- IT’S THE POOL PUMP

But there is a way to get back at this highway robbery. Change your pool pump to an Energy Star listed 2 Speed pump. First, it runs at lower RPM’s- this uses a fraction of the electricity a single speed pump uses. Second – the lower consumption cuts your pool pump electric bill by about $366 EVERY SUMMER.  If my old pump was an Energy Star 2 speed I would have saved about $4,000 on my electric bill so far- the things I could have done with and extra 4 grand.

Right now PSEG will pay me to get an ENERGY STAR 2 Speed Pump- $150 sent right to me once the pump is installed. That’s the sweet spot- getting them to give me money instead of the other way around.

So don’t be fooled- don’t be ripped off getting a single speed pump ,   unless you enjoy overpaying your electric bill each month.

Check out this Energy Star List ECUP 2 Speed Pump


  • I bought your 2 speed pump 2 yrs ago and this is what I found: After putting it on, it would run at high speed for only a few minutes and then automatically switched to the very low speed. The low speed does not by any means create enough water movement to filter the pool effectively. And on top of that, the motor ran extremely and abnormally hot at the low speed; no where near as hot at the high speed. I brought it in to the Massapequa repair shop and they modified the pump to operate at high speed only. I realize it is costing more but it’s the only to filter the pool effectively.
    Any thoughts or comments??

    • Hello Ken- The pump does have a 5 year 100% warranty. It should not be performing like it is. Also, should not be converted to a 1 speed as the 2 speed is where you are getting the energy savings from. We would recommending contacting the retailer. The idea behind the pump is to run 2x as long while saving up to 80% of electricity. The water turns over slower. Hope this helps, we are always here to answer your questions 🙂

  • The issue with the pump shown in the picture is that it was not properly designed for the conditions surrounding a pool. Rotting out? I had a pool filter pump for over 15 years and never had an issue. Two years ago I “upgraded” to the energy efficient blue torrent pump. If you have one, open it up and look at the inline fuse. I’m on my second. The first fuse holder burnt up. The second did the same. Completely melted. That’s not the way an in-line fuse is designed to work. Seems like this pump is designed to burn up when exposed to damp conditions . Really?

    • This should not be the case. Remember that pump has a 5 year warranty from your retailer/manufacture. If it is in fact defective I would recommend bringing it into your local repair center. We have also send this message to the manufacture for you. Happy Summer 🙂

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