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 After The Storm As Before the Storm, Do Not Empty the Pool After a storm, an empty pool is subject to “floating” or “popping” out of the ground due to “lift” pressure from excessive ground water caused by heavy rains that may have accompanied the storm. If it appears necessary to […]

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Before the Storm 1. Do Not Empty Your Pool People may ask, “Won’t the pool overflow if we don’t at least lower the water?” Yes it may, but no more so than if a patio or a plot of grass were there instead. Adequate drainage has most always been provided […]

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Most pool owners are well aware of how to maintain their swimming pool when the sun is shining. Some are experts even during heat waves, but most are unaware of the steps they need to take to maintain their pool water when it rains. Most believe that rain gives their […]

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Taking the MATH out of owning a pool When did taking care of a pool become so complicated?  Things were a lot simpler when I was a kid taking care of the family pool. Throw little chlorine in every day – if we couldn’t see under water add a handful […]

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