A New App for Testing Water

A New App for Testing Water

Taking the MATH out of owning a pool

When did taking care of a pool become so complicated?  Things were a lot simpler when I was a kid taking care of the family pool. Throw little chlorine in every day – if we couldn’t see under water add a handful of ph. +, if the sides got slimy added some of everything until it cleared up. Simple.

Nowadays you have to test the water, match the color on the chart, match the number from the chart to the number on the package of the corrective chemical, then multiply or divide (depending on the reading) the number of gallons your pool has by the number on the container to get the magic number of what you have to add to the pool. SIMPLE RIGHT?

Don’t get me started on what happens if I forget to carry the 2 when I do my calculations or if I Add instead of subtract or divide instead of multiply – then my pools a complete mess.  We have smart phones, smart cars, even drones to deliver our latest Amazon purchase but were still testing our pool water like it was 1977.

Help is on the way, just like the pool stores water test computer tells you exactly what to add when you bring water in to have it tested now you can get the same service from your phone.

Imagine, dipping the test strip into your pool- taping in the color into your smart phone and having the exact amount of what you need to add to your pool, in what order to add it and even how to add it all on your phone.

Plus if you have a question while in your backyard simply press a button to start a live chat or even…..dare I say, a conversation with a real person who can answer your pool questions.

Sound good, well what if all the pool information you needed concerning all your pool equipment was at your fingertips as well, plus the latest updates on your equipment – “how to” examples on pool maintenance too.

Plus access to discounts on all the pool supplies, equipment and pool fun items you could want.

If all this sound too good to be true it is….unless you have the Swim Club App. The Swim Club App gets you all of this for the amazing low, low price of …..FREE

APP Coming April 2017

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